Content Manager

Work Type: Full Time

About the Role

We are looking for candidates who possess the ability to think both creatively and analytically. Content manager duties include producing and publishing content, writing, editing and proofreading, formulating content strategies and managing a content team, among other tasks. Content managers should be comfortable finding creative ways of bringing academic content on to our platform, as well as using analytics in the formulation of a content strategy. Here, content is defined as bit sized chunks of academic course content.

Job Description/ Responsibilities

  • Conducting research and collaborating with educators, subject experts, and other professionals to develop quality curricula and learning resources

  • Plan content roadmap,develop a publishing schedule and make sure stakeholders are onboard

  • Ensure timely execution of the publishing schedule along with managing a team of content writers

  • Plan and execute a content strategy that drives high engagement

  • Collaborate with the design team in planning and publishing content, to ensure user-friendly experience

  • Collaborate with the marketing team to create campaign content and monitor its effectiveness

  • Review, re-structure, edit and improve content created by team of content writers

  • Ensure exhaustive coverage of content in your vertical by creating stimulating lesson plans and recommending interesting additional resources

  • Take a big-picture approach to content, constantly coming up with new coverage ideas and initiatives

  • Ensure all content is on-brand, consistent in terms of quality, style and optimized for search and user experience

  • Constantly publish, maintain and improve content to achieve our business goals

  • Ensure compliance with content regulations - internal and external

  • Collect, monitor and analyze content metrics - make changes accordingly to drive engagement levels

  • Brainstorm with team members to develop new ideas

  • Stay updated on industry trends, benchmark and improve content strategy as needed

  • Provide editorial, creative and technical support to team members

  • Lead the hiring, supervision and training of content creators in your vertical

Qualities and Qualifications

  • 1-3 yrs of experience in leading content creation

  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • A willingness to embrace change and to adapt strategies on the fly

  • Strong leadership qualities and attention to detail

  • Experience collaborating with cross-functional teams

  • Ability to lead and inspire large teams of creative personnel and content creators to achieve company's stated goals

  • Proven successful performance against deadlines

  • Good organizational and time-management skills and the ability to multitask

  • First principles-thinker and creative problem-solver

  • The ability to think like an educator, intuitively understanding what the audience needs to know and how they want to consume it

About FlashPrep

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