Community Manager

Work Type: Full Time

About the Role

FlashPrep is hiring a community manager who will turn the community of FlashPrep into an engine of its own. As a community Manager of FlashPrep, you will be working closely with the social media executive, copywriter, and marketing team of the company. Community being an integral part of FlashPrep, you will play a key role in building, sustaining and managing the students on all social mediums.

Key Responsibilities

  • Leading the community with a strategy of growth and sustainability.  
  • Crafting distinct community strategy for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Telegram, Reddit, and discord. 
  • Coordinating with Social media team and content team for effective and standard messaging.
  • Strategizing content for blog posts, articles, newsletters, and communications materials.
  • Reporting numbers on the key performing areas of the community growth metrics
  • Troubleshoot problems in the FlashPrep community and provide solutions for growth. 
  • Manage the timeline and execution of campaigns, launches, and topical spots relevant to FlashPrep’s student Community

Desired Skills and Experience

  • You have managed a community in past experience of college, project, or any professional capacity.

  • You have a good internet connection and devices that enable you to keep a tab on the latest happening in the community.

  • You are skilled at managing all social media platforms.

  • You are good at building and maintaining relationships with participants of the community.

  • You have a flair and communicating via written word and speech to solve problems as they come.

  • You are a generalist who can juggle multiple priorities, roles, and deliverables.

About FlashPrep

FlashPrep is an exam preparation companion app that allows aspirants to study, practice and self-evaluate by taking tests & challenges on their study material. FlashPrep is a collection of best-in-class study tools which enable students to practice, identify weaknesses, benchmark, and master subjects they are studying, leading to better learning outcomes. The platform uses science-backed practice techniques such as spaced repetition to help students retain information for longer and track their progress to ensure that preparation levels are where they need to be. FlashPrep launched the first version of the platform on Android and iOS in April 2021 and has tracked 30K downloads as of date. The app has become a sleeper hit among NEET and UPSC aspirants and has grown to over 15K monthly active users. The application is available on both Android and iOS.

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